the lifestyle ~ the chess play

Big bonus day Tuesday. I got pulled into some graybeard side meetings that ran long and reconvened at the Tavern (one of my favorite hangouts) over burgers and a few ice-cold drafts. A smaller group of mostly senior managers. My department supports them all automatically giving me a stake in the game but not at this level organizationally yet I get pulled into more than others in my position. It’s great exposure to decision makers and opportunity to market myself without coming on like a suck up. Scoring serious credibility points on Tremont turf, unexpected extra points. Although I was asked I didn’t have to join them but experience has taught me to follow the power centre once identified. The rules for this situation; relax, participate professionally, speak plainly but with authority (you are the expert in your area), drink light, know when to leave, and above all don’ t try to impress. One reward as a result is continued membership in upper level discussions. Mission accomplished. Yeah, plus I got my most critical items fast-tracked. Plant both feet, head down and focused because now it’s on me to deliver.

Thursday – Gym, shower, cocktails. Gym, shower, cocktails, GYM. SHOWER. COCKTAIL. This mantra has pushed me thru the day. Hump day my ass Wednesday bled into Thursday. Thankfully the payoff comes quick. After side tracking subs downgrading or outright ignoring me and pitching them to senior management my timetable went light speed. No worries. Scorched some midnight oil but its done. At least with all the major items within my immediate control. The remainder should be in hand by COB tomorrow. I can take a break tonight. Review everything from a different point of view; my customer. After though. After sweating weak cafeteria coffee and stale bagels out of my system followed by a very long very hot shower. Then a turn through some familiar haunts. I’m exhausted really. Three marathon days can beat the hell outta you regardless. But a weird quirk about me is how the more tired I become the more sexual energy grows. Makes me wonder whether I’m actually tired or just tapping into some reserves. I dunno. I just know I’m friggin hungry in every sense.

Friday, was required. I didn’t know how mentally wore out I was. I totally went too long at the gym but it felt great. That workout alone recharged battery cells after a remorseful start. My high got a boost with voice mail from one of my favorite FWBs, Toni. I heard Barking Legs (Theatre) had live jazz scheduled and I was in the mood for some really good live entertainment. Live jazz punched that ticket. Toni’s call accepting my invite was an extra extra. So over a light meal at Eleven before the show gave us the chance to catch up. People talk about the good old hippie days of the 60’s free love, the sexed up 70’s and the scary late 80’s. Then the mysterious 90’s when so many people went underground to avoid HIV/AIDs and all the other creepy crawlers plaguing the sexually active to discover the clock had reset or merged I don’t know which but it kinda of all meshed together. Free love is back just exclusive. No more meeting and screwing someone within a few hours laying eyes on them. Now they’re vetted through a “getting to know you” phase almost like platonic Ozzie & Harriet dating before going further. This allows the system of checks and balances to work; are they who they said they are, are they slipping secretly, any creepy crawlers, is he really a he or she a her or him a she or them a they? Once stamped US Prime the games begin! Toni and I go back a long way, years. She’s gorgeous at 5’9″ short sporty auburn hair, hazel eyes well portioned figure with long legs and shoulder/neckline that drives me up the wall every time we’re together. These I quickly discovered were on full display tonight. Although it was a crisp evening the knee boots she wore stopped just short enough of the pencil skirt for a brief sample. Top side Toni’s jacket hide a high collar deep V-neck blouse. As if to say, Hey follow the bread crumbs from my glossy lips to my breasts and below. Uh Yeah. It hadn’t been long since we’d seen each other but living separate lives makes a little time seem long. A very good flip side is the reunion is so much more than an everyday regular steady. This one was already looking indeed promising. The performance hall wasn’t far so it would be a short ride. With time to spare we decided to end with dessert and drinks at the bar. Flirting began as I paid the tab. We don’t play nice sometimes and the heel digging into my calf let me know this was going to be one of those times. Some things Toni did were predictable like reaching into my lap while the server checked on us. She kept the clueless woman there prolonging it all by asking for stuff Toni knew the bar didn’t serve. I could only lean forward taking pity on her while hiding my own predicament. Toni, she didn’t care either way. Let the games begin!

Toni walls like a classic runway model. Every muscle of her sculptured body in precisioned motion. From extending a leg forward with chin and gaze straight ahead, foot pointed until just before touchdown to her hips, torso and shoulders flowing in sync. I’m telling you it’s like she could slide a leg around your neck at any time without missing a beat. The fact Toni’s wearing a skirt only heightens the effect. She’s gorgeous and knows it yet she doesn’t flaunt it at least not with me. She can give a guy or girl hell easily. Cruelly so but that same cruelty can be fun as fuck too. So the quick shot at me over one shoulder as we walk out lets me know what rules are in play this evening. After her earlier taunts I was going to make sure she knew I was up for her games.

Brand Note: You’re always on, especially in public. Public means anywhere outside your home. So play like it like everything is being recorded for general broadcast. Social media insures the best and worst is preserved for replay over and over.


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