the lifestyle ~ Mondays

Surviving Monday is a common chant. The weekend is over and if it was the weekend like the one I just had waking up to the idea of skipping off to work simply sucks big time. I wanna roll over hug my pillow, pull the blankets under my chin and reach out pull, uh crap what’s her name again, closer. As much as that’s a very good thought, damn good actually, it ain’t happening so I’m up for a shower shave and quick cup on the way out. Friggin Mondays suck! Here’ s the plan though. I prepped for today last week so a good deal of my day will be coasting. Let the guys that didn’t have enough sense to get their work done early smoke their wheels. They act like next week is an eternity away then like some school kid scream into the office trying to get work done before teacher arrives. Who wants to start the week like that or work through the weekend. Shit I’m wasting time. What’s the acceptable limit for the morning cuddle? Gotta push a little after lunch, get my Tuesday started to stay ahead of the curve. It’ll be slow going til I get a second cup but Mondays suck so why rush into it. Marilyn yeah that’s her name. See getting better already.Hey babe coffee?


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